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The world's most popular casino game
Blackjack is the casino version of the card game you probably know already from childhood as Pontoon or Twenty-One.
Blackjack is unique among casino (banker's) games in that it is a game of skill and not just chance (luck) as all other casino games are.
Our seven box Blackjack is dealt six-deck from a shoe, to a very liberal set of rules, which makes for more betting variety and as such more fun.
British or American style ?
You the client can decide whether you want the game dealt British / European style (London deal, that is with no hole card) or American style (Las Vegas deal, with a hole card).
If you hire two Blackjack tables, why not have one table dealt London style and the other Vegas style for a bit of player variety ?
There are so many options / styles with this game, if you'd like to know more we'd be delighted to discuss them in detail when you make your booking.
Twenty-one player action per table
In keeping with the generally accepted format of the game throughout the casinos of the world we allow up to three players to place bets on each betting box / card hand.
This means that on a seven box table up to twenty-one players can enjoy betting action at any one time.
With no chairs at our table causing obstruction and a bit of friendly co-operation among players this twenty-one player action is quite easily workable.
Cherry picked rules make the whole game more enjoyable
Having dealt Blackjack all over the world (including Las Vegas) I firmly feel that the game is best dealt and played London deal (our default), but with a loose set of rules cherry-picked from casinos around the world to create maximum fun for the players.
We allow double-downs on any two card total.
No limit on the number of split pairs allowed.
Insurance may be taken with any hand against a dealer's Ace.
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