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The Problem With Fun Money - or our way of doing things at the table !
Almost all fun casinos "sell" players table chips in return for fun money.
Experience has taught us that this is not the best way of doing things, and as such we do things a little differently,
read on to learn more :
The Problem - as we see it
The big problem with fun money is that once a player has "done their dough" they go in search of the party host / event organiser in order to get some more.
At a charity fundraising event this is fantastic, just what the whole event is about, the charity makes more money*.
At a private party / wedding reception this can be problematic.
An individual has to have the responsibility of keeping and handing out more fun money on demand.
If the fun casino is being played competitively, (which is almost always the case, or what is the point of fun money ?), it is essential that this individual makes a written record of exactly how much fun money each player has received, whilst also trying to enjoy the party themselves.
Common fun casino logic evidently suggests that the easiest way of eliminating this problem is just to give each player the same amount of fun money at the start of the event on the understanding that when it's gone, it's gone. Simple, you may think ?
Unfortunately there is a major flaw in the logic of taking this easy option. It creates an even bigger problem in that there is now the very real possibility of players having no money left, with which to play the games, and an hour or two of fun casino play still scheduled.
Now you have a fun casino on hire that some of your guest's cannot play. Clearly a ridiculous state of affairs.
Our Solution
We have devised a very simple solution to this problem, that we have found to work extremely well :
At the start of play each player is given a ticket on which a unique number is printed.
Each time a player "buys-in" at a table the croupier notes the buy-in value next to the player's unique number on a pre-numbered sheet.
This system allows us to see at a glance how much each player is "in for" at a given table.
By using this simple system we are able to take the hassle of fun money distribution away from the event organiser, thus allowing them to enjoy the event themselves.
At the end of play the individual player "buy-in" figures from all tables are reconciled.
The amount of a player's "buy-ins" is then simply deducted from the amount of value chips that the player "cashes out" to determine how much that player has won
or lost.
Analysing this information from all players enables us to determine quickly and accurately who the biggest winners, and losers, are.
You do have the option of free play - it's your call
If you are not concerned about who the winners and losers are, and just want your guests to play purely for fun and entertainment, let us know and your fun casino can be dealt as what we call free play.
* Usually at a charity fundraising fun casino event the number of buy-ins a player makes is not taken into account when determining the winning player.
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