measurably superior fun casino hire
Compare apples with apples, and not with grapes
If another fun casino operator tries to convince you that the full-size equipment, authenticity and professional standards offered by us are not necessary for fun casino hire you can be certain it is because they are unable to offer them.
Remember, when the fox can't reach the grapes, he claims that they are sour.
A read through the list below will help you determine what you need to be looking for in a fun casino
the other guys
Authentic game play ?
Very few fun casinos actually deal their games authentically.
Even some of those that have the skills to, can't be bothered to put in the effort required, they'll argue that "it's only for fun", and take advantage of the fact that the client and their guest's won't know the difference anyway.
All of our games are dealt authentically to professional casino standards.
Why accept anything less ?
Correct and proper payouts ?
A vitally important aspect of authentic play is that all winning bets are paid out correctly.
We pay every winning bet exactly the amount it would be paid if you were playing in a real casino.
Check out the fun casino scene, ask questions, you'll be amazed at how many don't pay correctly.
Full three hours of fun play ?
When shopping the fun casino market and finding operators cheaper than us, do bear in mind that most often you are not being quoted for a full three hours of play.
Many operators only offer two hours play as their default.
We offer a full three hours authentic play on genuine tables.
So all in all we work out at a similar, or not much higher price, which represents much better value for your money.
Experienced professional Croupiers with real casino experience ?
We only hire dealers with professional casino experience
If they haven't dealt it in a real casino, they don't get to deal it to you
and your guest's on our tables.
Beware of operators claiming that their dealer's are professionals.
This may not mean dealers / croupiers with actual professional "real" casino experience. Some blatantly play on the fact that as they get paid for fun casino dealing it's fair game to call themselves professionals.
Full-size genuine casino
gaming tables ?
Some operators use homemade tables, some even just throw a baize over
a dining table.
A few do use genuine full size tables, but these are often thoroughly worn out basic types.
No one else in the UK has gaming tables anywhere near the equal of our Salon Privé quality ones.
Full-size 32 inch / 80 cm Roulette wheel ?
Quite a few operators use wheels much smaller than the industry 32 inch /
80 centimetre standard.
Most that use full size wheels have old beaten up ex-casino examples
bought on eBay.
We purchased our beautiful full size wheel brand new, check it out on our equipment page.
Full float of value chips on every table ?
Absolutely essential for running the casino correctly.
Many operators just place half a dozen stacks of odd mis-matched chips
(a stack is 20 chips) on the table as a float and blunder on, safe in the knowledge that most players won't realise they are being conned.
Every one of our table's has a full float of value chips.
Full salad of Roulette colour chips ?
Our Roulette game has a full salad of colour chips,
in addition to it's full float of value chips.
These are absolutely essential for playing the game of Roulette,
it's iImpossible to play the game properly without.
Many operators don't provide a proper quantity of these as their game
isn't dealt authentically anyway.
Tracking of player
buy-ins to accurately determine your winner
or winners ?
If awarding prizes you absolutely need to know for sure who your winner's are.
The ability to determine accurately, exactly who the winning player(s) are,
can only be achieved by reconciling the accurate recording of player
buy-ins from all tables, with the accurate recording of player chip cash-outs,
at the end of play.
Players free to play as much as they wish ?
Our system of tracking player buy-ins means we take the hassle of fun money away from you the host.
Using our system means you never end up with the crazy situation of your guest's being unable to enjoy playing to the end of the session because they've run out of fun money.
Stunning Abbiati deluxe Roulette table ?
Not aware of any other UK fun casino operator having one of these
stunningly crafted Italian beauties.
Most real casinos don't even invest in Roulette tables the equal of this,
their preference being for more basic models.
A few to be found in the exclusive high-stakes casinos of Mayfair,
but very rare elsewhere.
Beautiful John Huxley heptagonal Elite Blackjack table ?
We know of no other UK fun casino operator having one of these
spectacular Heptagonal Elite BJ tables.
Very expensive (I've still got the invoice) and therefore very rare.
Not too many to be found even in real casinos, and only then in their
Salon Privés, or the gaming rooms of high-end establishments.
Casino gaming industry pedigree ?
Some in the UK fun casino industry have experience in the casino
gaming industry, many have not.
Many are entertainment companies who have simply purchased casino equipment (or more often, non-genuine equipment they are happy to claim is casino equipment) and despite having no knowledge of how to use it,
still charge professional rates.
An informative website ?
We've seen no other with the amount of useful information that is published
on this site.
Most fun casino websites give very little information about the way they present and deal their games, and deliberately don't showcase their equipment.
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