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Our Equipment
Just take a look at these images of our stunningly beautiful full-size Roulette and Blackjack tables.
Nice eh ?
These tables are so incredibly good looking the most common exclamation from players upon seeing them for the first time is "wow".
Playing on our tables your guest's will feel like they're in the high stakes room (Salon Privé) of a high-end casino.
Who else has equipment of this quality ???
Compare this incredible genuine casino equipment, with the often homemade, rarely professional grade equipment, offered by other fun casino operators and you'll see that nobody else in the UK has anything quite like it.
If they do, they are certainly not writing about it, and showcasing it proudly on their website. Go figure ???
Salon Privé Roulette
Our magnificent full-size Salon Privé Roulette table was created by Abbiati, a proud family owned company of traditional craftsmen in Turin, Italy.
Abbiati refer to it as an extra deluxe, mahogany, two level with borders.
We refer to it as the most beautiful roulette table in the world.
Full-size Roulette wheel
We use a genuine full-size 32 inch / 80 cm single-zero French / European Roulette wheel.
This wheel is not a beaten-up old example, like those that so many fun casino operators use, but a stunning (purchased brand new) object of great beauty that acts as the centre piece of your fun casino event.
Salon Privé Blackjack
Our Salon Privé Blackjack table (dark Mahogany heptagonal elite made by John Huxley of London) is the finest Blackjack table available in the world bar none, nothing comes close.
Proper Chips - essential for correct play
We use a full float of value chips on all of our tables, without them it is impossible to play any casino games correctly.
In addition to a full float of value chips, our roulette table has a full salad of colour chips.
These are also absolutely essential for authentic correct roulette play.
In Conclusion ...
Why settle for inferior quality equipment and non-authentic play, when with us you can enjoy the best ?
If you appreciate the finer things in life, are passionate about quality, understand that value for money is about a lot more than just price, and believe that you and your clients / guest's / friend's and family deserve nothing but the best, then VivaFunVegas really is the only way to go.
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