measurably superior fun casino hire
Fundraising fun casino events are a fantastic way to have fun, promote your good cause and raise funds for your charity, club, school, society, group, hospital or organisation.
Guests make a donation to your cause by buying-in with real money, and playing our games for prizes.
Fundraisers must supply, and distribute, their own secure buy-in vouchers / tickets.
Under no circumstances can we handle any cash payments or buy-ins.
If you are fundraising for a registered charity then we will require documentary proof of this in the form of a written endorsement from the charity.
You must have a representative of the charity present at your event.
In strict observance of UK Gaming Law we only supply hire for fundraising events under the following rules :
Charities, clubs, societies and not-for-profit groups may make a charge, for entry to, and for participation in, fun casino play as a means of raising funds provided :
No individual may gain monetarily from the event.
No cash prizes may be offered or given.
Any prizes offered must not be the sole inducement for persons to visit the event.
Fun casino must not be the sole or main entertainment offered at the event - having some other activity or form of entertainment is essential to comply with the law.
Any advertising for the event should be local only.
The word "casino" in any advertising must be preceeded by the word "fun" or "entertainment".
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (dcms) have published a fact sheet which summarises the position of casino nights under the Gambling Act 2005, (which became U.K. law on the 1st September 2007).
The information published on this fact sheet is of particular interest to charities and other non-commercial societies considering using a fun casino to raise funds for "good causes".
A PDF copy of this fact sheet can be downloaded by clicking the following link : The National Archives - Casino Nights Fact Sheet
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