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American Roulette
The all time casino classic
Watching the skill of an experienced professional croupier at work, the beauty of a genuine full-size Roulette wheel and table, very simple game play, and the tremendous excitement of watching the ball drop into your chosen number, with payout odds as high as 35 to 1, all go towards making Roulette the all time classic casino game.
The finest Roulette action
Ask any experienced, well travelled, knowledgeable Roulette player and they will invariably tell you that the finest game of Roulette in the world is to be enjoyed in the casinos of the UK.
Throughout the global casino industry British trained and experienced Roulette Croupiers are generally regarded as the very best.
Why the British way ?
Having dealt the game of Roulette in Britain (London and Provincial), and in casinos around the world, I absolutely know that British standards are almost universally acknowledged as the finest in the global casino gaming industry.
Because of this, and because we can, we therefore we proudly deal our single-zero American Roulette to authentic British casino rules.
The Mathematics
A full-size Roulette wheel has a diameter of 80 centimetres or 32 inches.
A single-zero Roulette wheel has 37 numbered slots, that is zero and the numbers 1 to 36. (Zero can be bet in the same way as any other number).
The odds therefore of a player correctly choosing the winning number are 36 to 1 against (36 chances to lose, 1 chance to win).
The casino only pays out odds of 35 to 1 for a bet on a winning number, therein lies their profit / house edge.
A double-zero wheel has 38 numbered slots, zero, double-zero, and the numbers 1 to 36.
Your odds of correctly choosing the winning number are therefore 37 to 1 against. The house still only pays the same 35 to 1 as in the single-zero game,
thus it has a greater house edge.
What's in a name ?
Bit confusing the conflicting names for the different versions of Roulette. I shall attempt to explain.
The version of Roulette we offer, and that found in 99% of casino's around the world is American Roulette.
This style of the game is dealt by one croupier, using his / her hands to pay-out winning bets and clear losing bets from the table layout.
In the UK (although I have seen a double-zero wheel in a UK casino recently) and Europe a single-zero wheel, known as a French wheel, is used.
When this same game is played in the United States a double-zero wheel is most often used. To encourage high-stakes Roulette players, who will not play the less favourable double-zero game, some casinos offer the game with a single-zero wheel French wheel, which they refer to as a European wheel. The game using this wheel in the US is hence known as European Roulette.
French Roulette is a totally different game to American, or European Roulette.
It is found in only a handful of casinos in the world, most notably Monte Carlo.
The same single-zero French wheel that is used in the UK version of American Roulette is used, however the table layout is much larger and features Even Chance and Dozen Bets on both sides of the layout.
Two croupiers deal the game, almost always in the French language, and use a rake to collect losing bets from the layout and pay-out winning bets to players, that's why almost all of the little Roulette games you see for sale in toy shops come with a little plastic rake.
The French game moves at a much slower pace than the American version, where instead of each player having their own colour chips (as they do in American Roulette) the different coloured chips are assigned different values, and are used by all players.
The croupiers have therefore to be skilled in remembering which player owns which chips.
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