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Minimum Space Required To Hire Our Tables  
By making a booking for our fun casino the client guarantees to us that there is sufficient space available for the tables being hired.
We will not accept responsibility for failure to supply hire due to there being insufficient or unsuitable space for our tables at any venue.
If we are unable to "work" an event due to insufficient / unsuitable space client shall forfeit 80% of hire charges.
When determining if we can offer our service at a venue it is essential to consider the following :
1. Access
  Firstly it must be determined if our equipment can physically fit into the premises, and be moved to where it is required.
2. Space To Play
  Secondly is the room / space available large enough to accomodate our full-size tables and give enough room for the safety and comfort of the players ?
The requirements for both of these points are given below :
Access to premises / room where fun casino is to be held :
Our tables are full-size genuine professional casino tables not small fold-up affairs that fit in the back of an estate car (like those that so many fun casinos use).
To enable us to enter premises and set-up our tables all corridors should be at least 130 cm wide and all corners / doorways must have sufficient space to allow a 3 metre long 1 metre wide table section to manoeuvre round.
There should be no stairs for us to negotiate. Two or three small steps no higher than 50 cm in total are acceptable.
We can offer our service above the ground floor, but only if there is a lift available for our use (minimum size 3.5 metres by 1.5 metres, able to take a load of 850 kg).
Ideally we should be able to off-load a LWB highroof MB Sprinter sized van as close as possible to the venue room being used.
Often ground floor function rooms in hotels have wide fire escape doors or double doors leading directly to the outside of the building,
these are the perfect point of entry for us if we can get our vehicle close to them.
Absolute minimum space requirements for play :
When applying the space requirements / measurements given on this page the position in the room of any entrances or exits must be taken into account.
Under no circumstances will we place any tables or equipment in a position where they obstruct any emergency exit or free movement towards any exit.
Minimum floor space required for individual tables
Roulette 6 metres x 4 metres Approx. 20 ft x 15 ft  
Blackjack 3 metres x 3 metres Approx. 10 ft x 10 ft  
Minimum floor space required with 1 Roulette & 1 Blackjack placed in the same room
Placed side-by-side 9 metres x 4 metres Approx. 30 ft x 15 ft the best arrangement for a two table hire
Placed facing each other 6 metres x 6 metres Approx. 20 ft x 20 ft  
Placed back-to-back 6 metres x 7 metres Approx. 20 ft x 23 ft  
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