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Terms & Conditions of Hire Please read carefully as bookings are only taken under these terms
Making a Booking
All booking requests must be submitted via the event relevant online booking form.
Booking Deposit
In order to secure your chosen date, we will require a booking deposit, the exact amount of which is dependant upon which hire package required..
The fastest and easiest way of doing this is to pay using Barclays Pingit, a free service.
Details of how to pay this deposit securely online using Pingit will be included with your quote.
As soon as we receive notification from Barclays Bank that a payment has been made, we'll confirm to you that your date is secure.
Bank account transfer is another way to pay us. Ask for details.
You can if you wish pay us by cheque. We can only confirm your booking as secure once our bank confirms to us that your cheque has cleared.
Outstanding Balance
Outstanding balance, including a refundable equipment deposit, must be received no later than twenty-eight (28) days prior to your event date.
If outstanding balance is not received by this deadline, we reserve the right to make your date available to other clients.
Refundable Equipment Deposit
A £50.00 refundable deposit will be added to the hire cost outstanding balance.
This deposit is held to cover any damage to, or loss of, tables or equipment, loss of gaming chips (£0.50 each), and any extra charges that may occur, including waiting time.
Refund of equipment deposit will be made by bank transfer or cheque within fourteen (14) days after your event.
Method Of Payment
We accept payment by bank transfer, Barclays Pingit or cheque (Pound Sterling drawn on a UK bank).
More details about Pingit can be found on our contact us page.
Cheques should be made payable to Privé Limited and sent to our registered office address, published at About Us - Company Details
Your intent to cancel a confirmed booking should be communicated to us by either text message or email.
Cancellations are subject to the following charges :
Bookings cancelled on day of event after equipment set-up has commenced will forfeit 100% of hire charges.
Bookings cancelled on day of event prior to equipment set-up commencing will forfeit 90% of hire charges.
Bookings cancelled on day of event prior to us setting out on journey to event venue will forfeit 80% of hire charges.
Bookings cancelled between one (1) day and seven (7) days prior to event will forfeit 70% of hire charges.
Bookings cancelled between eight (8) and twenty-eight (28) days prior to event will forfeit booking deposit.
Bookings cancelled more than twenty-eight (28) days prior to event will incur an administration fee of £25.00
Minimum Space Requirements For Hire
It shall be a condition of booking that the client visits our Space Required page and satisfies themself that sufficient space for the tables being hired is available at the venue. If unsure of venue dimensions we advise you to check with the venue management.
We cannot accept responsibility for failure to supply hire due to there being insufficient or unsuitable space for our tables at any venue.
If we are unable to work an event due to insufficient or unsuitable space customer shall forfeit 85% of hire charges.
Vehicular Access & Parking
Quotes are based on a LWB high roof MB Sprinter sized van being able to legally and safely unload / load within ten (10) metres (30 feet) of a venue entrance, which is within a reasonable distance (no more than a one minute walk), and on the same floor / level of the room being utilised for the fun casino.
If free parking is not available onsite then any parking fees incurred will be charged to the client at cost.
Non Ground Floor Hire
For safety reasons, due to the size and weight of our equipment, hire is only available at ground floor venues with level access from vehicle unloading space, unless a suitable lift (minimum 4 metres by 3 metres, minimum 850kg rating) is available for our use.
Player Buy-Ins
Unless you request "free play" we will implement our standard system of player buy-ins, as explained on our Buy-In's page.
Fundraisers must supply, and distribute, their own secure buy-in vouchers / tickets.
Under no circumstances can we handle any cash payments or buy-ins.
Table Baizes
We cannot guarantee that the gaming baizes (table cloths) pictured on this website will be the actual baizes in use on our tables at your event.
Due to wear and tear, we have to replace the baizes from time to time.
Clients should be aware that the design and colour may well be different from those pictured.
We tend to stick with the most common casino baize colours which are green, red or blue.
Very Important Points To Note
For safety reasons we do not allow any person to be seated at our tables at any time. We do of course make an exception to this rule for wheelchair bound players.
To protect our valuable equipment we do not allow any food, drinks or cigarettes / cigars to be placed on or over our tables at any time.
We do not supply any prizes, nor do we supply any lighting or music.
During play we reserve the right to change / rotate dealers between tables at any time. This will always be done with the minimum disruption to play.
Clients should visit our Legal page and familiarise themselves with our rules of hire and the Law regarding the use of fun casino's.
Fundraising event organisers should visit our Fundraising page for rules of hire specific to those events.
Should any infringement of gaming law come to our attention we will terminate all fun casino activities immediately.
No refund of any monies will be made.
In placing a booking the client accepts that in the unlikely event that we are unable, for any reason whatsoever, to provide the services as advertised on this website and contracted between us, our liability shall be strictly limited to a full refund, or pro-rata refund (as circumstances dictate) of any monies paid.
We reserve the right to alter any of our terms and conditions of hire at any time without notice.
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